Timeline for marketplace panel refreshes reconsidered

22 April 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused major disruptions to most workplaces. In response, the DTA is reconsidering the release dates for some of its planned marketplace (panel) approaches.

This is due to the amount of effort on both Sellers and the DTA, in order to respond to the approaches-to-market. As such, the approach-to-market dates for the establishment of the new Cloud Marketplace, and the annual open-to-new-sellers processes for the existing Software and Hardware Marketplaces are being reviewed, alongside other activities underway at the DTA.

Continuity of current arrangements

The DTA will continue to operate and support all existing arrangements to ensure the supply of goods and services to agencies. The Digital Marketplace is also currently accepting new suppliers as part of its streamlined onboarding process.

Further updates

Any updates to planned activities will be communicated as soon as possible through AusTender and the DTA website.

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