Start your digital career with a Digital Emerging Talent Program

6 July 2021

Are you passionate about digital technologies? Do you want to work for government?


The Australian Government is looking for you!

Kick-off your career in the digital or technical field with one of our Digital Emerging Talent Programs. Work on projects making an impactful change in society and gain valuable mentorship and guidance.

About the programs

You should consider applying for one of the Digital Emerging Talent programs if you:

  • enjoy pulling apart or building PCs
  • setting up home networks
  • building apps
  • finding trends in data
  • problem solving
  • improving digital services to making things simple.

The Digital Apprenticeship Program

Do you have a genuine interest in a digital or technology field? You don’t need a degree or any prior digital study for the Apprenticeship Program. You just need to be interested in digital tech and solving problems.

‘A foot-in-the-door and fantastic journey, full of learning opportunities and on-the-job experience. The skills and experience I gained from the program have been invaluable!’
- Lawrence McCauley (Apprentice) Software Engineer

The Digital Cadetship Program

Are you studying a degree in a digital or technology related field and would like to build on your knowledge by gaining the practical skills and experience in a field related to your studies?

The Digital Cadetship program is for Australian citizens who are currently studying a degree in a digital or technology related field. If you’re currently studying one of the listed degrees then you should consider applying.

‘The program provided me with a positive and supportive environment where I could apply the skills and knowledge as I was learning, giving me feedback and experience that in turn improved my studies.’- Mardi Higgerson (Cadet) Software Engineer

‘The DTA's Cadetship Program has been such a valuable and enriching experience for me as a current university student. Being placed at Services Australia while completing my Bachelor's Degree has allowed me to gain hands-on industry experience working within the Australian Public Service. This program has kick-started my career in ways I couldn't imagine, giving me new connections and opportunities for my future.’ – Zarif Rahman (Cadet)

What you can gain from the program 

  • career coaching and mentoring 
  • flexible working arrangements 
  • competitive salary and super 
  • a dedicated, experienced professional to mentor you and help you with your learning
  • work with a wide range of technologies 
  • get membership to the Australian Computing Society (ACS) 
  • attend professional networking events 
  • access private training about emerging digital trends 
  • permanent employment.

Applications are now open!

Key dates

  • 12 July 2021 – Program applications close
  • 26-30 July 2021 – Apprenticeship interviews
  • 02-10 August 2021 – Cadetship interviews
  • 23-25 August 2021 – Apprentice speed matching
  • 26-31 August 2021 – Cadet speed matching
  • 27 January 2022 – Approximate cohort start date.

Apply for an emerging talent program

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