Seeking input from Enterprise Resource Planning providers on a draft approach to market

7 December 2023

We are seeking input from Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) providers on a draft tender pack to establish Category 3 on the Software Marketplace  

We have released a new Request for Information (RFI) to engage with industry on the Software Marketplace category 3 ERP products including core and edge, and services including solutions.   

The Request for Information supports the recently announced Australian Public Service ERP approach which will provide non-corporate Commonwealth entities greater autonomy and choice in modernising ERP systems now and into the future.  

The Request for Information seeks input from interested ERP providers on the draft tender pack, which includes: 

  • an overview of the application process
  • the draft Head Agreement, and 
  • a list of requirements. 

This input will validate whether Commonwealth requirements can be met by the market, whether the tender documents contain any major errors, and any legal or compliance implications that have not been addressed.  

We will use the responses from the ERP industry to finalise the tender documents before they are released as a Request for Tender in early 2024. 

Responses will be collected through AusTender, with the RFI closing at 3.00pm AEST on Wednesday 24 January 2024.  

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