RFI for printers, scanners and multi-functional devices

1 December 2021

We have released a Request for Information (RFI) for printers, scanners and multi-functional devices.


The DTA is seeking industry feedback on proposed requirements for a new category under the Hardware Marketplace for Whole-of-Government printers, scanners and multi-functional devices. This new category will replace the current Major Offices Machines Panel arrangement which is due to expire November 2022.  

The proposed requirements will extend the scope of the current panel arrangement and give industry the opportunity to offer additional products not currently available under the Major Office Machines Panel. 

Further information on the RFI, including technical requirements, can be found on AusTender.  

The RFI closes 22 December 2021. 

For more information, please email tenders@dta.gov.au.  

For media enquiries email us at media@dta.gov.au

For other enquiries email us at info@dta.gov.au