Request for tender for new Hardware Marketplace category

8 March 2022

The DTA has released a request for tender to establish a new category under the Hardware Marketplace panel for printers, scanners and multifunction devices. 


This new category will replace the Whole-of-Government Major Office Machines panel due to expire November 2022. 

The category includes: 

  • multifunction devices 
  • printers 
  • scanners 
  • consumables, for example, toner, cartridges (excludes paper and staples) 
  • complementary services, for example, device servicing, valet services.

The DTA is inviting all sellers of the above offerings (including existing Hardware Marketplace sellers) to respond to the request for tender through AusTender

It is anticipated that the new category will be available to purchase from early in the new financial year. Leading up to this, the DTA will be providing information and assistance to agencies about options for their current contracts. 

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