The next release of COVIDSafe is live

14 May 2020

The COVIDSafe app update improves Bluetooth performance, strengthens security, and improves user experience and accessibility, based on feedback from users and the tech community.

Today we released the next update to the COVIDSafe application. This is the second update to COVIDSafe, providing a set of enhancements to the app.

Like all apps, we will continue to update COVIDSafe in the period ahead. We are already working on the next release.

You can access the latest release via your phone’s App Store.

Details of today’s release

Better Bluetooth performance

We are continuing make iterative improvements to enhance COVIDSafe’s Bluetooth performance.

Today’s update includes new code from the United Kingdom Government’s National Health Service app (NHSX) that improves the COVIDSafe app’s Bluetooth performance on iOS devices, including when the device is locked.

We continue to work with Apple and Google on further enhancements that will improve COVIDSafe’s performance.

Stronger security

Strengthening the security of the application and protecting the privacy of Australians is paramount.

We have introduced improvements to the security and stability of the app, including guidance about Bluetooth pairing to inform individuals in making decisions about their own privacy. We have also included improvements that further strengthen security for Android users.

Improved user experience and accessibility

We would like as many Australians as possible to choose to download and use COVIDSafe. The user experience and accessibility improvements in this update will support a wider range of people being able to use the app.

This release also addressed some accessibility issues, including VoiceOver functionality. We have improved recognition of buttons, headings and checkboxes.

We have also improved the contrast between the text and background, making it easier for people to read.

Working with the community to enhance COVIDSafe

On Friday 8 May, the DTA publicly released the source code for the COVIDSafe app. Any member of the public can view the source code, which is hosted on a GitHub repository.

We are also looking at how we can improve the release of the code in the period ahead. For a start, we are seeking to accelerate the release of the updated source code on the GitHub repository within a few days of release.

We encourage users and members of the tech community to review the source code and provide us feedback about possible issues. Please email us at

While we are not able to reply to every individual who provides feedback, all feedback is being reviewed and triaged. In some instances, we may contact people who provide feedback to better understand the issues raised.

Visit the COVIDSafe website for more information or to access the source code for the COVIDSafe application.

For media enquiries email us at

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