New sourcing pathway on the Digital Marketplace

22 January 2019

The Digital Marketplace has a new sourcing pathway. The new seek proposals and quotes pathway gives buyers a faster, more efficient way to source digital services.

The new pathway, released this week, makes it easier for buyers who are clear on their needs and requirements to approach sellers directly for a quote or proposal. With the seek proposals and quotes flow, there is now greater flexibility available for buyers, particularly those working to a short time-frame.

Buyers can upload attachments that show detailed requirements, set closing dates and timeframes (with a minimum of 2 days) and request proposals in their preferred format.  

The new pathway also helps support buyers who are undertaking more complex procurement activities to approach sellers directly.

The DTA implemented these changes in response to extensive user feedback and engagement with Marketplace users over time. The new pathway addresses concerns of buyers who want faster, more efficient processes.

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