New sellers added to the Cloud Services Panel

5 April 2019

We are finalising the latest refresh for the Cloud Services Panel and are now progressively adding new sellers over the next month.

Following a successful tender process that closed in August 2018, the Cloud Services Panel is being updated with new solutions and providers.

As innovative sellers, along with new cloud services, are continually entering the market, the panel is designed to enable new sellers and services to be added as requested.

With 191 sellers already, two-thirds of which are small and medium enterprises, the panel is already providing a large variety of offers to government agencies. This is expected to continue to increase, with more than 250 sellers projected by the end of this year — due to the fast-moving nature of the industry and the panel being refreshed more often.

The panel accounts for more than 40% of the government’s cloud spend and has a 55% annual growth rate.

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