New network categories for the Hardware Marketplace

27 July 2018

Today we have released a request for information for 2 new categories on the Hardware Marketplace

The new categories are Network Cabling Services and Network Equipment. These include cabling services and products like wireless routers, network switches and firewalls.

There is more information, including a full list of potential products, services and technical requirements in the draft statement of requirements.

If your business already sells these products or services to government, or if it is something you intend to do in the future, we're interested in your feedback. Please submit your comments by 3pm (AEST), Friday 10 August.

We expect to invite applications for these categories in October 2018, through AusTender.

Applications for the first category of the new Hardware Marketplace, Enterprise Storage, were received through the AusTender website earlier this year. We’re currently assessing the applications for this category, with the marketplace on track to open in August 2018.

The Hardware Marketplace will gradually replace the Hardware and Associated Services panel and the Department of Finance‘s commercial off-the-shelf software and hardware panel (COTS).

We look forward to getting your feedback.

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