New Digital Sourcing Network

4 April 2019

Our new Digital Sourcing Network encourages greater communication, collaboration and knowledge-sharing among those involved in ICT procurement and digital sourcing roles.

The Digital Sourcing Network has been created to give digital sourcing practitioners the chance to be actively involved in shaping solutions to the problems they routinely face.

The way we source the tools and resources we need to operate in our increasingly digital world has changed and it is the responsibility of federal, state and local governments to keep-up with that change.

After an extensive consultation process with the Australian Public Service and industry, one thing was abundantly clear — people wanted a place to connect with one another, to grow their skills and to find solutions to ongoing digital sourcing issues that impacted their ability to deliver the best possible results.

The network is a place to find solutions, learn from the experience of others, develop new skills and learn how best to engage with industry regarding digital sourcing.

By bringing people together, forming common interest groups on relevant topics, and addressing pain points we can build stronger capability.

Network members also have an opportunity to participate in working groups to address significant gaps previously identified in digital sourcing capability and explore opportunities for faster, more effective digital sourcing.

Working groups will explore a wide range of topics, and will be rolled out in phases based on complexity and the interest shown by the community.

The first 4 working groups being launched will cover:

  • market research and engagement
  • articulating value for money
  • identifying and managing risk
  • working with digital sourcing specialists as strategic partners

Other events and activities will be developed and delivered according to member’s wants and needs.

To find out more about the new network, participate in a working group or receive network updates please email

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