Industry briefing on Cloud Marketplace RFT

29 May 2020

We recently approached the open market on 21 May with a Request for Tender (RFT) to establish a new Cloud Marketplace (CMP). As outlined in our RFT, we will be holding an industry briefing for potential respondents on 3 June.

The industry briefing has been scheduled as a virtual videoconference with no in-person attendance. It is on Wednesday 3 June 2020 at 11am.

  • Please note: Details of the Cloud Marketplace Industry Briefing, including the presentation, talking points and Q&A, are now available for all potential tenderers as an addendum via AusTender.

At this briefing we will provide an overview of the CMP RFT pack, covering relevant process requirements for submission. We will also provide clarifications and answer questions relating to the scope and approach as required.

All tenderers who have downloaded this RFT from AusTender will receive the agenda and videoconferencing details. This will be by a formal addendum through AusTender. 

If you are interested in tendering but have not yet registered your interest, please access the RFT on AusTender and download the ‘Approach To Market’ (ATM) documents, including any addenda issued.

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