How Platforms Work — a live demo by Casey West

1 March 2016

Digital transformation means delivering web applications to meet user needs. But those web applications need to run somewhere and there’s a lot of work that goes into hosting them. The manual, repetitive grunt work of setting up servers, keeping them patched and manually deploying applications is creating less value, and steals valuable time away from solving problems for Australians.

Casey West presenting.
Caption: Technologist Casey West will explain what platforms are, why we need them and how to get the best out of them in a live demonstration at the DTO.

Platforms can solve these problems.

Hear from Casey West, Principal Technologist for Cloud Foundry at Pivotal at a special DTO event to learn what platforms are, why we need them and how to get the best out of them.

Casey will explore the six traits shared by mature web ops environments, and demo them – live.

  • Who: This event is for anyone with an interest in platforms, web operations, 12 factor applications, devops and continuous delivery
  • When: Tuesday, 8 March 2016, at 10.00am (please arrive at 9.45am for security sign-in)
  • Where: Digital Transformation Office, 50 Marcus Clarke Street, Canberra
  • HowRegister on Eventbrite – there is limited space!

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