Have your say on buying telecommunications products and services

29 January 2019

We have released a request for information for a new whole-of-government Telecommunications Panel. The new panel will make it easier for government to buy telecommunications products and services.

We’re seeking feedback that will help us develop an approach to market for a new Telecommunications Panel. The new panel will make sourcing processes for telecommunications products and services simpler, clearer and faster for both buyers and sellers.

The new panel will consolidate a series of expired and expiring panels and will provide easy access to newer technologies not currently covered, such as dark fibre, unified communications and software-defined WAN.

Products and services provided by the current Telecommunications Services Panel, such as managed WAN, transport data link, and internet connection services, will still be accessible via the new panel.

It will also make it easier for businesses, especially small to medium enterprises (SMEs), to access opportunities within government.

Certain categories of the new panel will continue to be mandatory for Australian Government Non-Corporate Commonwealth Entities. The new panel will also be accessible for other Australian Government bodies and state and territory government agencies.

The request for information will remain open on AusTender until Tuesday 26 February 2019. This will be followed by an approach to market through AusTender later this year. You can register on AusTender to receive relevant alerts as they are published.

If you would like more information, please email ictprocurement@dta.gov.au.

For media enquiries email us at media@dta.gov.au

For other enquiries email us at info@dta.gov.au