Give us feedback on a new category for the software panel

15 June 2018

Today we have released a request for information for a proposed new category on the Software Licensing and Services panel.

The new category is Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) software. This includes products such as analytics, project management and workflow tools, data migration, software integration and system testing software.

There is more information, including a full list of potential products and services, in the discussion paper and draft statement of requirements.

If your business already sells these products to government, or if it is something you intend doing in the future, we are interested in your feedback. Please submit your comments through AusTender by 10am on Thursday 5 July.

The first category already available on the panel is Microsoft software. The new COTS software category is intended to replace most of the software procurement which is done through a Department of Finance panel which expires on 31 August 2018.

We are simplifying and consolidating digital procurement panels. Read more about the procurement reform work and the new Digital Sourcing Framework principles and policies.

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