GitHub for government — a hands-on workshop for developers

11 April 2016

To build digital services that meet user needs, developers must collaborate when shipping code.

A person looking at the DTO's Github on a computer screen.
Caption: GitHub helps you collaborate on code, data, or policy, within your organisation or with the public.

Teams need tools that help them experiment with ideas in code. Future maintainers need to know what the original authors were thinking. What if there were tools that helped both users?

Over the past 10 years Git has become the de facto standard for version controlling code changes, and GitHub has emerged as the the platform for teams to collaborate when solving problems together.

More than 600 government organisations around the world use GitHub to collaborate on code, data, and policy.

At this workshop, the GitHub team will walk you through what the GitHub workflow looks like: from idea, to code running in front of users. We’ll cover fast iteration with branches, collaboration and code review with pull requests, and accelerated feedback loops with continuous integration.

  • Who: This event is for anyone who writes code, or who leads people who write code
  • When: Tuesday, 19 April 2016. Two sessions are available:
    • 9.00am - 12.30pm or
    • 1.30pm - 5.00pm

    (please arrive 15 minutes early for security sign-in)

  • Where: Digital Transformation Office, 50 Marcus Clarke Street, Canberra
  • How: Register on Eventbrite - there is limited space!

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