DTA submission to JCPAA inquiry

16 November 2022

The Joint Committee of Public Accounts and Audit (JCPAA) is holding an inquiry into Commonwealth procurement, with a view to improving the culture of how procurement rules and guidelines are implemented across the Australian Public Service.

JCPAA inquiry submission

The inquiry will have a particular focus on the matters contained in and associated with 5 Auditor-General Reports, one of which is the Digital Transformation Agency’s Procurement of ICT Related Services (Australian National Audit Office Report No. 5 2022–23).

The Digital Transformation Agency’s (DTA’s) submission to the inquiry provides to the JCPAA with:

  • a status update on remediation actions within the DTA to address the Australian National Audit Office audit recommendations
  • an outline of additional improvements being implemented and the journey of cultural and behavioural changes underway
  • additional information relating to the DTA’s whole-of-government Digital and ICT sourcing.

The DTA acknowledges there is a need to improve the procurement framework and processes and most importantly, the organisation’s compliance with that framework. This work is progressing well and is discussed in more detail in the Submission.

More information about the inquiry is available on the JCPAA website.

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