DTA publicly releases COVIDSafe application source code

8 May 2020

Today the Digital Transformation Agency released to the public the source code for the COVIDSafe application. Any member of the public can view the source code, which is hosted on a GitHub repository.

Protecting the privacy of Australians downloading and using COVIDSafe is paramount. Prior to launching the application, the source code was reviewed by government security agencies, academics and industry specialists. We are releasing the app code, but to ensure the privacy of individuals and integrity of the overall system, the code that relates to the COVIDSafe National Information Storage System will not be released.

DTA welcomes feedback from the community

Now researchers, developers, academics and members of the public can also review the source code in detail.

You can provide feedback about the application’s source code by emailing support@covidsafe.gov.au. We welcome the feedback that has already been provided following the app’s launch.

While we may be unable to reply to every individual who provides feedback, please know that your feedback will be reviewed and triaged depending on its impact to security and usability.

In some instances, the DTA may contact you to gain a deeper understanding about the issues raised.

Improving the COVIDSafe application

In line with standard development and software practices, we are rolling out updated releases of the application and we will implement design changes based on their priority.

This week we rolled out the first update, which addressed some of the most common issues raised by the community, including:

  • Content changes to make the app more user friendly. An example is better alignment between the registration process and help topics. 
  • Content changes to better explain to the user the process to upload data if a user tests positive to the virus.
  • Changes to address minor registration issues associated with the name field.
  • Changes to stop notifications for some iOS uses looping to the registration screen.
  • Changes to address the app causing issues with the operating system for a small number of Android users.

Future releases of COVIDSafe

Like all apps, we plan to iteratively enhance COVIDSafe and we already have a plan for the next couple of releases. These releases will focus on further strengthening the security of the application and improve its usability and accessibility. Our next update will occur during the week commencing 11 May 2020.

We are also working with Apple and Google as they develop technology that could enhance the COVIDSafe application.

Visit the COVIDSafe website for more information or to access the source code for the COVIDSafe application.

For media enquiries email us at media@dta.gov.au

For other enquiries email us at info@dta.gov.au