DTA CEO appointed Head of Digital Profession

15 November 2022

The Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) is proud to announce that its CEO Chris Fechner has been appointed Head of the Digital Profession for a 2-year term, commencing January 2023, by the Australian Public Service Commissioner Peter Woolcott AO.

DTA CEO appointed Head of Digital Profession

The Head of the Digital Profession is a champion for growth of digital capability in the Australian Public Service (APS), to facilitate delivery of government services fit for the digital age.

‘I am both honoured and excited to lead the Digital Profession and drive increased digital professional capabilities in conjunction with Australian Public Service Commission and other partners in the Commonwealth as well as industry,’ Mr Fechner said.

Mr Fechner will play a strong advocacy role, influencing APS agencies to strengthen digital capability at an individual and enterprise level by pursuing initiatives that attract and retain quality talent, and support diverse career paths to strengthen the APS as an employer of choice.

He is in a unique position to leverage work already underway in the Digital Profession, with extensive experience in state government services, focusing on large-scale digital and ICT reform and transformation programs, as well as implementing contemporary investment, contestability and governance frameworks.

Mr Fechner will be replacing inaugural Head of the Digital Profession Mr Randall Brugeaud who will finish his term in December 2022.

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