The Digital Transformation Agenda in the 2015-16 Federal Budget

12 May 2015

Here at the DTO our customers are at the heart of everything we do. The Digital Transformation Journey diagram shows how we will deliver services that are focused on the user, moving from non-digital services that are inconvenient and time consuming to services that are digital by design.

This means that users will have a better experience when dealing with government because services will be easier to access, simpler to use and quicker to transact.

Tonight’s Budget marks the start of an exciting period for the DTO.

Funding of $95.4 million has been allocated to establish the DTO as a standalone agency from 1 July and $159.3 million will be used to deliver phase one of the Digital Transformation Agenda. This involves progressing work in five key areas:

  1. The Digital Service Standard outlines a digital by design approach to government services. The standard will ensure that all new and redesigned services are designed consistently and will be simpler and easier to use.
  2. The Trusted Digital Identity Framework will give users choice and control if they choose to establish a digital identity. The use of digital identities will improve access to services, new products and markets for consumers and industry.
  3. New and improved services for individuals that will improve the quality of online interactions with government. They include a Tell Us Once capability to update your personal details once across government, enhancements to the digital inbox through myGov, and a new voice identification service for identity.
  4. Businesses will also receive new and improved services, including Tell Us Once for businesses and a new digital mailbox, which will be accessed with a wider range of credentials.
  5. The Better Grants Administration initiative will streamline the administration of grants and reduce work for grants applicants. Two grants administration hubs will be developed, savings applicants and recipients time and money by enabling them to discover, register, and prequalify for grants that match their profile.

Collaboration is very important to the DTO so over the coming weeks you will see us ramp up our engagement with individuals and businesses, and state and territory and local governments as work on the agenda moves into full gear.

Correction: The funding for the establishment of the DTO has been corrected from $95.3 million to $95.4 million.

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