Digital Marketplace — your feedback counts

17 April 2018

Every piece of feedback gives us an insight into your experience. You told us you wanted to submit more than one specialist. Now you can.

A series of stylised images to indicate the ability to submit more than one specialist: a silhouette of a person, a set of lines indicating a form text field, and an indicator this is multiplied by three.

Every month, we review over 500 pieces of user feedback and insight to understand how buyers and sellers use the Digital Marketplace. We are grateful for all the questions, comments and advice each month, and gain new perspectives through user interviews, email communications and usability testing.

The most requested change by far was updates to the online form sellers use when applying for work. You told us you wanted the option to submit more than one specialist to deliver a job. Today we’re happy to say this feature is now live.

We’ve paraphrased some of what you said…

‘The online form doesn’t let us show different daily rates for different people! We need to differentiate based on people’s skills and experience. PLEASE make this change.’

‘We can’t fit multiple people’s answers to the criteria in the 150 word limit on your webform. Instead our people are having to change their resumes to include the answers you ask for.’

Now sellers on Digital Marketplace can include up to 3 specialists, add specific information on each one and submit them separately. At the other end, government buyers receive a clearer and more user-friendly report.

Until today, a 150-word limit saw sellers use all sorts of workarounds to list more than one specialist. Some people listed only names and used the resumes to provide different information for each candidate. Others tried to squeeze several specialists’ details into the one field.

The change announced today was prompted and prioritised by you — our users. We hear you. Many thanks to all the people who gave us feedback on this issue and helped us test the solution.

Please continue to provide your feedback via our website form and let us know if the new feature has made a difference to your experience on the site. Every piece of communications helps us understand you and better prioritise our work to improve the Digital Marketplace for everyone.

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