Cloud panel opens for new sellers

29 June 2018

The Australian Government’s Cloud Services Panel is opening for sellers of cloud products and services. The request for tender documents can now be downloaded from AusTender.

The refresh of the panel gives new suppliers the chance to join. It also means we have the opportunity to expand the scope of the panel to meet the needs of government agencies and new offerings from industry.

What is the Cloud Service Panel?

The Cloud Services Panel is a whole-of-government agreement specifically focused on cloud services. The panel includes products and services such as storage, customer relationship management solutions and specialist consulting services.

The panel is a go-to procurement channel for government agencies looking for cloud services. 138 agencies have released quote requests through the panel and there are 800 registered users from all tiers of government.

The panel has more than 180 vendors and offers more than 500 products and services that comply with the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

A flexible, open panel

The panel’s service catalogue is dynamic. New services are added every month, existing services are regularly updated and sellers are able to propose new services and categories without waiting for a panel refresh.

Government can access the Cloud Services Panel through the DTA’s procurement portal. We have just begun work to update the portal in response to user feedback so you can look forward to faster and easier access.

This is the third time the panel has opened for new sellers. From 2019 the panel will open every three months, using online submissions and agile evaluation methods to make joining the panel simpler and faster.

The Cloud Services Panel will be open for submissions from 29 June to 13 August 2018.

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