Applications open for new Hardware Marketplace sellers

8 March 2019

We are now accepting applications to join the Hardware Marketplace panel for 2 new categories - End User and Enterprise Computing.

Sellers can apply to join the new End User and Enterprise Computing categories through AusTender. Once they launch later in the year, government agencies can use the new End User and Enterprise Computing categories to buy laptops, desktops, servers and monitors.

The End User Computing category replaces the ICT Hardware and Associated Services Panel (ICT Hardware Panel) and is the first category of the new Hardware Marketplace panel that is mandatory for all non-corporate commonwealth entities to use.

The Hardware Marketplace replaced several expired ICT procurement panels when it launched in September 2018, making it easier for businesses to sell ICT hardware to government, and for government to buy from them.

We will be releasing the Mobility category for feedback through AusTender next month. The Mobility category will cover tablets, mobile phones and mobile carriage.

If you would like more information, please email or phone (02) 6120 8705.

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