An update from the Digital Transformation Agency 

24 June 2024

The Digital Marketplace Panel 2 request for tender has received an unprecedented 2,074 applications, including 7,222 category submissions and 14,444 case studies for digital services.  Therefore, we need to extend the existing Digital Marketplace Panel until 31 January 2025. This will give us enough time to properly assess the high volume of applications we received and onboard the successful sellers to the new panel. 


“The number of category applications demonstrates terrific interest from industry in the marketplace and the value it can offer to businesses of all sizes, including start-ups, SMES and Indigenous business.” We want to make sure we take the time needed for these evaluations, the evaluation needs to match the immense effort from industry in their application.”  Said Branch Head, Mr Anthony Conway.


Given the high quality of the applications, the new marketplace looks to be a highly sought after marketplace that will cater to the dynamic digital requirements of government. The DTA is dedicated to creating a marketplace that embodies the principles of value, transparency, equity, simplicity, and consistency.  


We want to be as transparent as possible as we progress through our evaluations and will be providing regular updates as we move through each stage.   

Transitioning from the Digital Marketplace Panel 1 to the Digital Marketplace Panel 2 


“We understand that moving to a new marketplace can be challenging and require careful planning. That is another reason why we have decided to extend Digital Marketplace Panel 1. This extension will ensure the transition between the panels is gradual and flexible, allowing government to adjust their procurement processes and timelines accordingly,” said Branch Head Anthony Conway, “We will provide agencies and industry with clear guidance and support throughout the transition period to minimise any disruption for existing contracts and projects.”  

Key dates 

  • By October 2024: Successful sellers will be onboarded to the new marketplace, and government buyers will be able to use the panel through  

  • By November 2024: A new round of applications for the Digital Marketplace Panel 2 will open, accepting applications from those who could not apply previously, or approved sellers who want to apply for new categories 
  • By 31 January 2025: The Digital Marketplace Panel 1 will expire, however, existing contracts will continue until their agreed end dates  

Stay Informed

The DTA appreciates your support and understanding as we work diligently towards the launch of the Digital Marketplace Panel 2. 


We will continue our blog series to keep you updated as we progress, our next blog will focus on the application period and the most frequently asked questions.


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