New Rimini Street whole-of-government agreement

20 February 2020

The Australian Government has established a new whole-of-government volume sourcing agreement with Rimini Street.

Chief Executive Officer of the Digital Transformation Agency (DTA), Mr Randall Brugeaud said the agreement with Rimini Street will make it easier and more cost effective for government agencies to access third-party software support for major software products.

The new agreement means that government agencies looking to engage Rimini Street will now be able to do this at a whole-of-government level.

‘The DTA continues to expand whole-of-government volume sourcing agreements to ensure that agencies have ready access to the best pricing, terms and conditions that leverage the buying power of government,’ Mr Brugeaud said.

Volume sourcing agreements have now been established with Rimini Street, Amazon Web Services, SAP, Microsoft, Concur and IBM. These are all contributing significant savings for government and ultimately the taxpayer.

Government agencies can access the Rimini Street agreement now.

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