Digital Marketplace — Beta reassessment

The Digital Marketplace simplifies the process of government procurement and makes it easier for businesses of all sizes to access government contracts.

The service did not pass their first Beta assessment because accessibility issues may have prevented some users from accessing the service. The service team took on this feedback and worked extensively to improve support for all users. The service has now passed their Beta assessment.

Criterion 5: Make it secure

The team have continued working with the DTA’s security operations team of ethical hackers. Each new feature is tested by the security team, and their feedback is prioritised in the team’s backlog.

The Digital Marketplace has published a privacy statement which outlines the ways in which the Australian Privacy Principles are to be applied to the operation of the service.

The Digital Marketplace’s operational data is UNCLASSIFIED: For Official Use Only. It is stored securely within, which is undergoing certification to UNCLASSIFIED (DLM). The underlying infrastructure is a provider on the ASD Certified Cloud Services List.

* The certification details were corrected on July 2018

Criterion 9: Make it accessible

Following the original Beta assessment, the team have reviewed processes to manage accessibility and inclusivity requirements. The team now regularly engage with an accessibility expert and have undergone rounds of WCAG 2.0 testing. Issues identified in testing are added to the backlog and progressively addressed. The team have addressed technology choices and have fall back options for when Javascript is disabled on the site. These solutions will continuously be monitored for efficacy and ease.

The team took on board recommendations and conducted usability testing with people with a disability. The panel notes the significant progress made by the team to increase accessibility and usability of the service, including team members acknowledging they are all responsible for helping to ensure the ease of use of the service.

* The accessibility compliance details were updated on July 2018