Government future readiness

The prioritisation process involves an assessment of each proposal against six criteria.

  • Ease of individuals’ engagement with Government
  • Efficiency for businesses, industry and other organisations
  • Government productivity
  • Government reputation
  • Government future readiness
  • Secure Government systems

The extent to which the proposed digital or ICT investment positions the Government to be fit for the digital age and flexible to respond to longer-term emerging digital and ICT needs, challenges and opportunities. Investments that might score well against this criterion include those which:

  • quantifiably contribute to one or more performance measures of the Digital Government Strategy, Digital Economy Strategy, Cyber Security Strategy, or the Australian Data Strategy
  • create new re-useable capabilities that have been identified as a priority capability from iterations of the Digital and ICT Oversight Framework and that will be recorded in the AGA (or other shared capability repository)
  • consider government use of Industry 4.0 capabilities (interconnectivity through the Internet of Things (IoT), access to real-time data, and the introduction of cyber-physical systems)
  • coordinate government use of emerging digital and ICT Technology under evaluation in the Australian Government Architecture (emerging architecture)
  • deliver evergreen and elastic government systems, platforms, and software as a service
  • modernise or decommission legacy, software, platforms or services.