We have developed a comprehensive roadmap to achieve our goals by 2025. This includes accelerating some initiatives, so we can address your needs even faster.


Each initiative aligns to one of the Strategy's three strategic priorities. Check the coloured boxes to filter by each priority:

Already achieved

Pre 2018/19

People and businesses

Agile delivery

Agile capabilities are beginning to mature and deliver earlier benefit and lower risk for digital transformation in government.

This initiative has been completed.


Analysis of opportunities for government and industry to use blockchain technology.

This initiative has been completed.

Data Exchange

Providing a standardised approach to collecting and analysing program performance data for grant-funded programs.

This initiative has been completed.

Digital Service Standard

The Digital Service Standard is a set of mandated best practice principles for the design and delivery of government services that helps ensure digital teams build government services that are simple, clear and fast.

This initiative has been completed.

ICT Dashboard and Performance Dashboard

Government can make smarter investments in services by using online performance reporting. The Performance Dashboard makes data open and accessible by measuring how Australian Government services perform against the Digital Service Standard.

This initiative has been completed.

Making Australian Government data available

People and businesses can access greater government data through improved open data platforms.

This initiative has been completed.

My Skills

My Skills is Australia’s directory of vocational training. The My Skills website brings together a wide range of information to help people make informed decisions on the training that best suits their needs.

This initiative has been completed.

myGov Inbox

Faster and efficient notifications to people through digital mail.

This initiative has been completed.


Alex, your intellectual property virtual assistant

People interested in patents and trademarks receive 24/7 help from a machine learning virtual assistant.

This initiative has been completed.


More certain and efficient supply of blood products through a new digital platform.

This initiative has been completed.

Head to Health

People can easily access support for mental health issues online, guided by a chat bot for an enhanced experience.

This initiative has been completed.

Multi-Agency Data Integration Projects (MADIP)

MADIP is an initiative of DIPA (Data Integration Partnership for Australia), which is a partnership between 11 Commonwealth agencies. MADIP is used to understand patterns in population for policy insights.

This initiative has been completed.

My Health Record

My Health Record stores health information securely, and is available online.

This initiative has been completed.

MyService: Veteran centric reform

Up to 216,000 veterans and their families can register for online services faster and more simply through MyService.

This initiative has been completed.


myTax users find it simple and fast to fill in and submit their tax returns, with over 3.5 million returns submitted through myTax during 2017-18.

This initiative has been completed.

NAPLAN online

1.2 million students are provided better services though tailored, nation-wide testing online.

This initiative has been completed.

New childcare subsidy

People can, at any time, transact online or through their phone for government support for child care costs, with payments sent directly to child care providers to reduce families’ out-of-pocket expenses.

This initiative has been completed.

Online passport application

People can now apply for their passport easily and simply online.

This initiative has been completed.

Quality Indicators for Learning and Training (QILT)

The QILT website helps people make informed choices about their higher education options by bringing together survey data about students’ experiences with Australian higher education graduate employment outcomes.

This initiative has been completed.

Reports of misconduct

There is an improved process available for users to submit reports of misconduct to the Australian Securities & Investments Commission.

This initiative has been completed.

Unique Student Identifier (USI)

The USI gives people access to all their nationally recognised training records undertaken since 2015 in one place.

This initiative has been completed.

Welfare Payments Infrastructure Transformation (WPIT) Program

The WPIT Program has reduced the time taken for students to submit a claim for Youth Allowance from 36 minutes to 12 minutes. In the last year alone claim processing times have decreased from 26 days to around 21 days.

This initiative has been completed.


Business longitudinal analysis data environment (BLADE)

BLADE is subset of Data Integration Partnership Australia (DIPA), which is a partnership between 11 Commonwealth agencies. BLADE can be used to analyse business preferences and to understand and guide policy insights.

This initiative has been completed.

Business permits

Trusted Traders forms are now completed online, saving effort and speeding up processing.

This initiative has been completed.

Digital Marketplace

Small and medium-sized enterprises can access a simple, clear and fast procurement marketplace to supply government with innovative digital services.

This initiative has been completed.

Information on starting a business in one place

People can access all relevant federal information on how to start a business in one place online via

This initiative has been completed.

Online digital permit validation service

Importers no longer have to physically present a certain type of permit at ports, saving time.

This initiative has been completed.

Small businesses can manage super obligations

We now support the use of whole-of-government digital credentials to enable employers to meet their super obligations when interacting with ATO.

This initiative has been completed.

The Community Grants Hub

Providing a whole-of-government grants shared service to simplify and standardise grants application and management.

This initiative has been completed.

Understanding earnings and jobs

Linked employer-employee database (LEED) insights into earnings and jobs.

This initiative has been completed.

Year 1

July 2018–June 2019

People and businesses

API Standard

A standard for integrating platform services in support of the Platform Strategy.

Building Digital Capability

Australian Government staff have access to a variety of training options and existing courses that help uplift their digital capability.

Data Integration Partnership Australia (DIPA)

Increased capability within the Australian Public Service to integrate and analyse data. DIPA is a partnership between 11 Commonwealth agencies.

Data Sharing and Release Bill

This will encourage better sharing of public sector data with trusted users and will ensure robust and consistent safeguards.

Digital identity for My Health Record

This pilot will allow participants to use myGovID to access their My Health Record.

Digital identity for Newstart Allowance

Newstart Allowance allows 790,000 jobseekers annually to access support, with only 38% able to access these services online. This pilot will allow people to access services online using myGovID.

Digital Maturity

Enhanced guidance and support will continue to accelerate capability of agencies and government in digital delivery and transformation.

Digital Sourcing capability and culture

This will provide the tools and guidance to assist agencies to embed modern and best practice digital sourcing within their workforce.

Digital Sourcing Framework

This framework defines a set of principles, policies and guidance that detail how to buy digital products and services. It encourages a vibrant sellers’ market resulting in better sourcing outcomes.

Digital sourcing reform

The digital sourcing reform defines a new cross-government operating model, including how agencies will buy digital goods and services to make it easier for sellers to do business with the government.

Digital trainers via the Digital Marketplace

The use of digital trainers helps accelerate government capability.

Enhancements to the Digital Service Standard

Improve the Digital Service Standard, its assessment framework and how it is implemented so that it remains current and fit-for-purpose, and supports the digital transformation of the Australian Government.

Hosting strategy

A strategy to build confidence in the quality of infrastructure and cloud hosting service investment decisions. This will be achieved through increased transparency, designed to minimise risks and threats.

Leading Digital Transformation program

Direction, prioritisation and the sharing of best practice drives transformation and operational excellence. The Leading Digital Transformation program empowers senior managers to transform their agencies by initiating and driving a digital culture.

National Data Commissioner

People will have a trusted overseer for the public data system, who will remove barriers to effective data sharing and ensure consistent and robust safeguards are met.

Next Generation Technologies Fund (NGTF)

Focuses on research in emerging and future technologies for the “future Defence force after next”. Innovative technologies and concepts researched under the NGTF may be further developed.

Platform strategy

A strategy to increase the integrity and consistency of government service delivery and provide a unified, seamless user experience.

Secure cloud

Government services are more secure and reliable as more agencies adopt cloud infrastructure and services.


A new child care marketplace

A marketplace to make it easier for people to connect with child care service providers through a new, easy-to-use and expandable directory.

This initiative has been accelerated.

Automated decisions for veterans through myService

Build on data-enabled rules to enable systems to make decisions. myService will be configured to provide acceptance of claims once an appropriate diagnosis is provided.

Digital identity for TFN applications

750,000 tax file numbers are issued every year. This pilot program will allow participants to create a myGovID and use it to apply for a TFN online, rather than through a paper-based process.

Digital identity for Unique Student Identifer (USI)

This pilot will allow people to set up a myGovID and use it to create a USI to access an online record of all their training and qualifications.

Digital identity for Youth Allowance

Each year 200,000 enrolments in Youth Allowance support young Australian students and jobseekers. This pilot will test myGovID to make it possible for young people to access this support more readily.

Digitising household surveys

People can respond to household surveys quickly and easily online.

Expanded portal for veterans

Veterans will be able to access more services faster when the client portal expands to offer income support payments.

Express Plus App

Health and welfare recipients can easily update their rental status through a smart, pre-filled app. 

First phase of Single Touch Payroll

People have greater surety that their superannuation is being paid. This first phase of Single Touch Payroll has up to 73,510 employers participating.

Head to Health - additional enhancements

People will receive even easier access to mental health through enhanced online services.

Language translator for Centrelink services

Proof of concept on a language translator, initially focused on Vietnamese and Chinese, to enable customers to do their business with Centrelink in their language.

This initiative has been accelerated.

Medicare improvements

Modernising Medicare online and the Express plus Medicare mobile app using a customer-centric design. Changes will focus on improving functionality, accessibility and security.

This initiative has been accelerated.

Medicare newborn enrolment

Trialling the process for newborns to be automatically enrolled in Medicare, reducing manual paperwork for new parents and providing them with a faster service.

This initiative has been accelerated.

New service finder for veterans

A new web-based service finder for veterans and their familes will reduce the time and effort to find the right service

Online Employment Service Trial

The Online Employment Services Trial began in July 2018 and will run for two years.

Platforms - Welfare payments

Older Australians, families, people with a disability and their carers can lodge claims and manage their affairs digitally, speeding up claims and payments. 

Staggered SMS notifications from MyGov inbox

Staggering myGov inbox notifications across the business day to even out the volume of calls and peaks in demand, reducing call wait times.

This initiative has been accelerated.

Virtual assistants for myGov

Providing virtual assistants to deliver quicker and easier support for myGov questions (such as navigation and using the inbox) than call centres.

This initiative has been accelerated.

Virtual assistants for welfare support

Virtual assistants help answer questions about welfare payments for people applying for or already receiving jobseeker, parenting, age pension and carer payments, reducing the need for over 7 million people to call Centrelink each year.

This initiative has been accelerated.

Website redesign for Department of Home Affairs

Over 28.3 million people who visit the Home Affairs website annually can easily find, read and understand information through improvements to the website navigation, structure, language and design.


ASIC Regulatory Transformation

ASIC regulatory services will be delivered through ASIC’s new portal that will improve engagement, services and access to services and information to stakeholders.

ATO Online

Taxation advisors can easily manage tax affairs through a new contemporary online experience.

Business Registration Online

People can register new businesses simply and quickly through the Business Registration Service.

Client and workload management

Some of the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources’ clients will be able to undertake self-service activities such as transaction updates, status and appointments, reducing the number of phone and face-to-face interactions required.

Defence Innovation Hub

The Hub will connect Defence, industry, academia, and research institutions to collaborate on innovative technologies that can be developed into advanced capability for Defence.

Digital content classification facility

Anyone applying for a classification (rating) of a film, computer game or publication will be able to provide content digitally via a secure facility, saving time for both applicants and government and reducing manual effort in tracking more than 10,00

Digital identity for business services

1 million business people can act on behalf of their businesses online.

Digital identity for grant management

Digital identity for the Australian Business Registry

160,000 people access the Australian Business Registry on behalf of a business each year. This pilot program will test myGovID and the Relationship Authorisation Manager as a replacement for AUSkey to access the Australian Business Registry.

Digital identity replacing AUSkey

Accessing ATO services will become simpler, more convenient and secure for business. For the first time, businesses will now be able to use multiple digital devices, including smartphones, to interact with ATO services.

Identify permits and licences automatically

In the process of registering a business, people will be able to identify relevant licences and permits across all levels of government to save time and worry.

More grants and programs can be managed in one place

More grants and programs will continue to be added to the online Business Grants Hub, so that people will have one point of access to new and existing business grants provided by government.

Online check for trademarks and web domains

Automatically check that a proposed trademark and web domain are not in use when registering a business.

Online training for assessors

All training for classification (rating) assessors will be delivered via online courses.

Personalised and proactive information for businesses

Deliver personalised information to 2.1 million existing business owners and people starting a business through, providing the most relevant opportunities for their specific business needs.

Pilot opt-in notifications for businesses

A pilot to enable business owners to opt-in to receive news about assistance programs, events, and other information, based on what they have told us about their business and future interests.

Virtual assistant pilot

The pilot of a virtual assistant for specific grant programs on This will provide 24/7 additional support to people alongside webchat, phone and email.

Year 2

July 2019–June 2020

People and businesses

Better governance

Digital and ICT spend effectiveness and efficiency is increased by aligning all investments through whole-of-government portfolio management.

Data visualisation

Government will gain more targeted and precise outcomes through using data insights (through the Department of Human Services) to continually monitor the effectiveness of policies and services.

Delivering Australia's digital future

People will see more effective and responsible use of their data through a data sharing and release framework.

Health Delivery Modernisation project

Stabilising and consolidating health and aged care systems and providing a range of user benefits to consumers, health professionals and aged care providers.

Improved collection of student data

Implementation of a new system to facilitate the collection and processing of Vocational Education and Training (VET) student loans, including the collection of data from VET providers and reporting of student debt to the ATO.

Single Touch Payroll rollout

The rollout, which will mean more people will have greater surety that their superannuation is being paid, as businesses can report their tax affairs automatically when they run their payroll.


Aged care service discovery

Over 1 million older Australians access aged care services each year. Current digital services can be difficult to navigate. This aims to improve the user experience of older Australians in their use of the online information.

Life-cycle planning

Government delivers better value for money, reduces risk and ensures service availability and reliability through life-cycle planning.

My Aged Care

People can access aged care services easily, simply and quickly through a new online experience, including the ability to view the quality of providers.

National health and medical industry growth plan

Government can deliver better policy and services through data sharing and ICT upgrades, improving availability of health information and statistics to help grow the health and medical industry.

New portal for students to view their loans

Creation of a new digital portal for students to view their complete HELP loan, VSL transactions, and remaining balance.

Platforms - Notifications

A pilot that will allow people to be contacted by government agencies over their preferred channel type, to reduce dependence on expensive physical channels.

Platforms - Payment In

A pilot that allows people to securely, easily and confidentially make payments to government using their preferred payment type.

Platforms - Tell Us Once

A pilot that will allow people to tell government of a change in their circumstances once, and have that information shared across government.

Welfare payments

Older Australians, families, people with a disability and their carers can lodge claims and manage their affairs digitally, speeding up claims and payments. 


Automated self-assessment tool

An automated online tool will be available to make film classification (rating) decisions for the approximately 3500 applications currently made to the Australian Classification Board each year.

Business registration assistance

People starting a business will receive enhanced help to register a business online.


Businesses will be able to easily see location content on events, advisors, contracts and grants in one place.

Real-time student enrolment data

Real-time submission of student enrolment data from higher education providers.

Strengthening Australia’s biosecurity

The time it takes for people and goods to be cleared at border crossings will reduce, thanks to improved biosecurity through the use of advanced analytics.

Future goals

Post 2019/20



Citizens can access the eCensus on all devices at least 48 hours prior to Census night, and will be notified when their eCensus has been completed and received.


New digital interface for provider of English training

New digital interface for providers of the Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP) for the collection and processing of student data and provider payments.