Digital government in 2025

Being a world-leading digital government means changing how we do things for you. In the future we will use digital technology to deliver more responsive policy, less red tape and better services.

For people and businesses, this means greater flexibility when dealing with government. You will have better ways of expressing your views and easier ways to engage on issues important to you.

Your services will go beyond simply being available online to being organised around your needs and life events.

If you ask us to, we will provide personalised services that remove the need to deal with different departments and layers of government. We will deliver a seamless experience based around your needs.

We will alert you when you are eligible for different services and remind you when things are due. We will show you where things are at and offer you help when needed.

We will offer a simple way of dealing with the government. This may be offline or online through your favourite devices and suited to your needs. You will be able to do things for yourself, for organisations you act on behalf of and for people you care for.

We will be available when you need us and stay out of your way when you don’t so you can go about your life with minimal government interference.