A unifying Strategy to revitalise data and digital transformation

The Australian Government has today released the Data and Digital Government Strategy (the Strategy), setting a clear vision for delivering simple, secure and connected public services, for all people and business, through world class data and digital capabilities.

This is what the Australian community expects of government today. Now, for the first time, the Australian Government has a unified blueprint, through to 2030, for how it will deliver upon this commitment and maximise the value of its data holdings and digital capabilities.

Minister for Finance, Senator the Hon Katy Gallagher, said she wants to ensure the APS is keeping up with technology and adopting leading-edge practices, while ensuring services are inclusive and accessible.

“We want to provide better services that are easy to use, that save people time and money, and that are safe and secure,” Minister Gallagher said.

The Strategy has been informed by extensive consultations with the Australian community.

“People told us about the importance of trust in the public services, and that no one should be left behind as government services move online,” Minister Gallagher said. 

“Industry highlighted the opportunities of partnering with government on innovative, emerging technologies - especially those from Australian suppliers. The wider community shared their strong desire for closer partnership by government with all corners of the economy and society, to share ideas and co-design policies and services.” 

The Strategy sets out 5 missions to accelerate data and digital transformation across the APS:

  • Delivering for all people and business
  • Simple and seamless services
  • Government for the future
  • Trusted and secure
  • Data and Digital foundations

The Strategy is accompanied by an Implementation Plan which highlights initiatives that will deliver substantial outcomes and establishes transparent, whole-of-government scorecards for unprecedented accountability.

Chris Fechner, CEO of the Digital Transformation Agency, said “this Strategy represents the maturing of the Australian Government’s digital transformation and the recognition of data and digital as vital to delivering for people and business.”

“Going forward, the Strategy provides a blueprint for government investments in data and digital to be coordinated, driving greater impact and effectiveness, and revealing where future efforts should be focused,” he said.

We have many substantial initiatives underway. Just last week we released an updated Digital Service Standard, which emphasises building trust through people-focused digital services. The new Charter of Partnerships and Engagement commits government to open, responsive, accountable and informed collaboration with people, communities and business.

Of course, achieving the 2030 vision will require ongoing commitment.

We will need to build our data and digital expertise within the APS, and more effectively partner with industry, the community sector and academia to deliver for the Australian public.

“Every public servant plays a role in stewarding a simple, secure and connected experience of government for all people and business,” Chris Fechner said.

To explore the Strategy and Implementation Plan and subscribe for further information on how the public service can use data and digital technologies to improve our work, visit the Data and Digital website.