SME Case Study

The Digital Marketplace has helped indigenous small, medium enterprise (SME), Towcha Technology, to increase their visibility and help them grow their business.


Towcha and the Digital Marketplace

Since its inception, the Digital Marketplace has increased government visibility and access to SME sellers and innovative solutions, as the following case study example demonstrates.

The SME seller experience

Towcha is one of over 50 Indigenous businesses on the Digital Transformation Agency’s (DTA’s) Digital Marketplace, through which it has gained several government contracts, including with Services Australia and the Bureau of Meteorology.

As an entirely Indigenous-owned company, Towcha now employs 12 people. It is currently approved against 4 categories on the Digital Marketplace and certified as an Indigenous Supplier with Supply Nation.

“The really good thing about the Digital Marketplace is we are now more discoverable as a business. This affords us greater opportunity to be considered for, and potentially win government work” – Alan Holmes, Managing Director, Towcha Technology

“We simply don’t have the large budget of large organisations to promote our business."

“So, we regularly use the Digital Marketplace to get visibility and access to government opportunities and, in turn, provides visibility of our business and capability."

“And this has allowed us to grow the business.”

According to Holmes what the Digital Marketplace has done particularly well in recent years is expanding the category offering and increasing the Indigenous business footprint.

“When we first joined the Digital Marketplace, there were only a few broad categories."

“That has now expanded to 15 and this allows SMEs to specialise their capability and not be too broad with their offerings."

“We also have partnerships with some larger firms and hopefully with the new platform integration category, this might enable us to get access to larger transformational projects."

“The growth of Aboriginal businesses on the Marketplace has been encouraging for the Indigenous digital sector and for government buyers."

“A couple of years ago there were only five, but now there is over 50.”

Holmes offers some helpful advice for SMEs considering joining the Digital Marketplace.

“I believe it is increasingly important for SMEs to better articulate their case studies when being assessed for various categories."

“My advice is to focus on what you can do and don’t be too broad. And focus particularly on how you can assist government arrive at cost-effective solutions.”

Visit the Digital Marketplace to find out more about seller and buyer experiences and opportunities open to sellers and buyers.

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About Towcha

Towcha Technology delivers for government buyers, leading-edge innovations that solve complex problems. Digital services include: system integration, implementation, data conversion, account management and project management.

It is also a member of the Victorian Aboriginal Chamber of Commerce Kinaway, ad part of the Indigenous Defence Consortium, which delivers national-building defence projects.

About the Digital Marketplace

Established in 2016, the Marketplace is an innovative online sourcing platform for buyers and sellers. It is always open for businesses to join. Key features include:

  • a simple, clear and fast sourcing experience.
  • Driving SME outcomes – Over 767 unique SMEs have won work via the Digital Marketplace
  • of the over 8,000 contracts awarded to sellers on the Marketplace, 5,673 contracts have been awarded to SMEs (Source: AusTender)
  • 65% of total contracted value has been awarded to SMEs.
  • the Digital Marketplace website

The Digital Marketplace is administered by the Digital Transformation Agency along with other whole-of government ICT procurement arrangements.

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