The New Australian Government Architecture Website is Now Live

You might have heard about our significant move forward in developing an all-encompassing plan for government architecture. The Australian Government Architecture (AGA) website, which we previously highlighted in our blog, is now live.

What is the Australian Government Architecture?

The AGA serves as a collection of digital artefacts and guidance. Its purpose? To guide and inform agencies on how to align to the digital directions of government.

This works by:

  • maximising re-use of existing digital solutions
  • prudently introducing new digital solutions
  • measuring the success of whole of government digital decisions
  • reducing the risk of large-scale digital failures through providing guard-rails.

“Navigating the Government policy ecosystem can be complex. Knowing what information is available and examples of good can be hard to find, especially for small to medium agencies and line areas who are new to digital planning and developing investment proposals. The AGA supports agencies to find that information in a central location” Felicity Armstrong, acting Branch Manager, Australian Government Architecture Branch, Digital Transformation Agency (DTA).

The new Australian Government Architecture website

We’ve given our site a fresh new look to make it easier for everyone involved to explore the AGA and better understand the expectations for digital investment, from both public and private sector perspectives.

The new platform allows us to quickly update information. Keeping it current, relevant, and in line with the rapidly changing digital world.

Creating the website

During its creation, we reached out to over 8,300 government staff through the Digital Profession. Beginning the shift from an architecture 'of' government to an architecture 'for' government.

We also facilitated 8 discovery and design evaluation sessions. Learning from the reactions and insights of 28 participants from 6 government agencies.

This across government feedback helped us co-design a website that is not only for digital architects, but also policy specialists and senior decision-makers.

This goes hand in hand with our role in leading digital strategy for Australian Government.

Andrew Morrison, Chief Technology Officer at the DTA said, “The creation of the AGA website is an important piece of work for the DTA and reflects our ongoing commitment to enhancing government digital architecture. It also represents a significant step towards a more collaborative and transparent approach, bringing together insights from across the sectors. We're excited about this launch and the potential it holds for shaping Australia's digital future.”

Some great feedback already

Hosted on GovCMS, the new look, layout, and enhanced search features have already been well-received. But we are committed to continual improvements!

What's next?

Our attention now shifts to making it easier for contributors to add to the AGA. This so that AGA will continue to foster innovation and embody the most contemporary thinking from across industry.

If you work in government, and want to be part of the conversation, please join the Architecture Community of Practice. Using the page feedback option on each page is also a great way to let us know your ideas and suggestions for improvement.

Let's work together to keep making the AGA even better.

Thank you

A big thank you to everyone involved.

Check out the new AGA website: