The Digital Marketplace Panel 2 is now open for applications

A message from the DTA CEO, Mr Chris Fechner: apply now for the Digital Marketplace Panel 2.

I am pleased to announce that the Digital Marketplace Panel 2 is now open for applications. This is a great opportunity for you to showcase your digital capabilities and services to the Australian Government and to help us deliver better digital outcomes for the public.

The new panel is open to suppliers of:

  • ICT professional and consulting services 
  • ICT labour hire.

We are looking for sellers who are creative, flexible, and customer focused. We care about diversity and inclusion in the digital sector, and we seek to collaborate with suppliers who have the same vision and values.

The panel is not a one-off opportunity. It is a flexible arrangement that enables suppliers to enter or change their products and services over time. The panel will also be regularly reviewed and refreshed to ensure it meets the changing needs and expectations of government buyers and sellers.

If you have followed the Digital Marketplace blog series from the start, you will know that we have worked hard to ensure that the new panel will support sellers as well as buyers. I want to thank vendors for their patience while we have worked to get the new panel right. We believe the result achieves a fair balance between the needs of different stakeholders – from contractors, indigenous businesses, and small to medium-sized enterprises, to big vendors and government buyers.

The new panel will offer: 

  • a simplified way for industry to provide government with cost-effective services
  • greater transparency for industry and agencies
  • consistent terms across the procurement process 

We aim to invest continuously in Australia's digital future by creating equal opportunities and promoting the involvement of start-ups, small-to-medium enterprise, and Indigenous businesses. 

You can discover more about what to expect from the new Digital Marketplace Panel 2 from our most recent blog post.

The panel is part of the DTA’s broader strategy to transform the way the government buys and uses digital products and services. We want to make it easier, faster, and more cost-effective for government agencies to access the best digital solutions in the market. We also want to create a fair and competitive environment for sellers and to foster a vibrant and diverse digital ecosystem in Australia.

If you are interested in joining the panel, please visit the AusTender website for more information on the tender details and requirements. You will need to register and submit your application through 

If you are already an approved supplier under the existing Digital Marketplace panel, you will need to apply to be on the new panel as it is a new tender process. I also encourage all interested parties, large and small, take the time to review the documents in the tender pack and ensure you comply with all the terms and conditions. This means you need to apply for, and give the DTA, your Statement of Tax Record provided by the ATO.

Applications close on 11 April 2024 at 5pm.

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us at

Chris Fechner

Chief Executive Officer

Digital Transformation Agency

15 March 2024

Tender details can be found on AusTender. All applications must be submitted through All suppliers currently approved under the Digital Marketplace will need to reapply to be on the new panel. Applications close on 11 April 2024 at 5pm.