Australian Public Service employee census results

We’re releasing our agency-level census results for 2021. We want to use this opportunity to create a more transparent, accountable and trusted public service.

About the APS employee census

The Australian Public Service (APS) Employee Census (the Census) surveys all APS employees between May and June each year on important workforce issues such as job satisfaction, employee engagement, performance management, leadership, and general impressions of the APS.

2021 Census results

The Census provides valuable insights into the culture and environment of the DTA, and assist us with identifying our areas of strength as well as where we can do better. This year, we received one of our highest completion rates with 81% of Team DTA (employees and contractors) completing the Census.

The results show us that our people are committed to the work we do and strive to be innovative. Most respondents reported positively (95%) to being happy to go the extra mile at work when required. We also had a strong response to innovation, with 91% of respondents responding positively to suggesting ideas to improve our way of doing things and 91% of respondents responding positively to believing that one of their responsibilities is to continually look for new ways to improve the way we work.

That said, we accept that we can do better, particularly in the areas of engagement, change management and wellbeing. For example, the Census uses 2 key index scores, engagement and wellbeing, to report on workplace culture. In 2021, our engagement score decreased to 71% from 75% in 2020 and the wellbeing score decreased to 63% from 71% for the same period.

We take these results seriously and have already taken steps to address this, for example introducing a comprehensive and structured change program as we transition to operating under our new mandate, developing a capability strategy that outlines how we can build the capabilities required to deliver stronger planning, coordination and oversight of whole of government digital and ICT projects, and improving how we communicate with staff and our stakeholders.

We want our people to succeed and we will continue our commitment in making the DTA a great place to work. We look forward to sharing our journey.




Further information

For more detail about interpreting, benchmarking and comparing the results, we recommend visiting APS employee census 2021.

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