APS Employee Census results

The Australian Public Service (APS) Employee Census (the Census) surveys all APS employees between May and June each year on important workforce issues such as job satisfaction, employee engagement, performance management, leadership, and general impressions of the APS. 

2022 Census results

This year we achieved our highest response rate with 97 percent of staff completing the survey, providing strong insight into what we do well and opportunities for improvement. 

Our results reflect a workforce who are highly committed to the work we do, with 95 percent of respondents reporting that they are happy to go the extra mile, and 90 percent are clear on how their role contributes to achieving outcomes for the Australian public. We also had a strong innovation index with 94 percent suggesting new ways of doing things, and 92 percent taking personal responsibility for improving work processes. 

As part of our commitment to making the DTA an even better place to work, we have implemented an agency-wide action plan to address areas where we can improve and promoted Divisional and Branch local action planning to address specific needs. 

We publish our results to help increase public service transparency. 





Further information

For more detail about interpreting, benchmarking and comparing the results, we recommend visiting 2022 APS Employee Census | Australian Public Service Commission (apsc.gov.au)

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