Organisational structure

Organisational structure of the Digital Transformation Agency at 14 October 2022.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO),
Chris Fechner

  • Chief Technology Officer
    Andrew Morrison, Branch Manager
  • Corporate
    GP de Wet, Branch Manager
  • DTA Operating Model
    Temporary taskforce till 31 December 2022
  • Alison Senti*, Branch Manager
  • Lisa Jansen, Branch Manager #
  • GP de Wet, Branch Manager #
  • Andrew Morrison, Branch Manager #
  • Chief of Staff
    Matt Sanderson, Director

Digital Strategy, Architecture and Discovery
Lucy Poole
General Manager

  • Digital Strategy
    Jasmine Schneider, Branch Manager (a/g)
  • Architecture and Emerging Technology
    Andrew Morrison, Branch Manager (a/g)
  • Digital Prioritisation and Cyber Capability
    Doug Rutherford, Branch Manager
  • Digital Initiatives Discovery
    Ben Leech, Branch Manager (a/g)
  • Digital Identity
    Matt Sedgwick, Branch Manager

Digital Investment Advice and Sourcing
Wayne Poels
General Manager

  • Investment Advice and Contestability
    Simon Quarrell, Branch Manager
  • Portfolio Assurance
    Jamie Whitcombe, Branch Manager
  • Digital Sourcing
    Michelle Tuck, Branch Manager

*Denotes temporary position arrangements

#Denotes cross-functional reporting line

Organisation Chart

Download the 2022 DTA Organisation Chart (PDF, 183KB) - correct as of 14 October 2022.

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