Organisation structure

Organisation structure of the Digital Transformation Agency at 7 September 2020.

The organisation structure of the Digital Transformation Agency is:

  • CEO Randall Brugeaud
    • Office of the CEO
      • Alana Walsh, Chief of Staff
      • Jesse Boyd, Executive Officer
      • Alyssa Broomby, Executive Assistant
    • Strategic communications
      • Strategic communications
      • Media
      • Social media
  • Digital governance and investment

    • Strategic policy and governance
      Andrew Woolf, Head
    • Digital Investment
      Simon Quarrell, Head
  • Digital strategy and capability
    Scott Cass-Dunbar, Chief Strategy Officer

    • Strategy and architecture
      Michelle Graham, Head
    • Capability
      Vanessa Roarty, Head
  • Digital delivery and operations
    Peter Alexander, Chief Digital Officer

    • Sourcing and Enabling
      Lucy Poole A/g

      • Strategic Sourcing
        Berlinda Crowther, Head
      • Digital Sourcing
        Michelle Tuck, Head
      • Operations
        GP de Wet, COO
    • Joint agency taskforces
      • Identity and myGov
        Jonathon Thorpe A/g

        • Digital Identity
        • myGov and myGov enhancement
      • Government Technology
        Anthony Warnock
      • WofG Permissions Capability
        Julia Wells

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