Organisation structure

Organisation structure of the Digital Transformation Agency at 10 March 2020.

The organisation structure of the Digital Transformation Agency is:

  • CEO Randall Brugeaud
    • Office of the CEO
      • Alana Walsh, Chief of Staff
      • Louise Mulcahy, Executive Assistant/Executive Officer
  • Digital governance and investment
    Joanne Hutchinson

    • Strategic policy and governance
      Andrew Woolf

      • Strategic policy and coordination
      • Digital governance and engagement
      • Ministerial and parliamentary
    • Digital Investment
      Julia Wells and Simon Quarrell

      • Investment strategies and coordination, including the Digital Service Standard and Cabinet liaison
      • Agency engagement and advice
      • Data and analysis
  • Digital strategy and capability
    Jonathon Thorpe (A/g)

    • Strategy and architecture
      Michelle McClintock

      • Whole-of-government digital strategy, including the Digital Transformation Strategy, Platforms Strategy, Hosting Strategy, and Secure Cloud Strategy
      • Whole-of-government architecture
      • Experience and innovation, including GovX, foresight and innovation
    • Capability
      Sam Peascod (A/g)

      • coLab
      • Building digital capability, includes digital profession, WITEM, Digital Summit and Awards
      • Emerging Talent
      • Style Manual
  • Digital delivery and corporate
    Peter Alexander

    • Strategic sourcing
      Berlinda Crowther

      • Sourcing transformation
      • Rimini, Oracle and IBM
      • SAP, Concur, AWS
      • Cloud marketplace
    • Digital sourcing
      ​​​​​​​Michelle Tuck

      • Hardware and Software Marketplace
      • Digital Marketplace and Microsoft VSA
      • Telecommunications & Data Centres
      • Tenders
    • Digital infrastructure service
      ​​​​​​​Anthony Warnock

      • Platforms, including Notify, Payments, APIs
      • Sourcing Platforms including Digital Marketplace and ICT Procurement Portal
      • Digital Products including, open data products, Design System,, Media Release Service, domain names, Observatory & GA360, emerging tech and R&D
    • Corporate and enabling services
      ​​​​​​​GP de Wet

      • Communications and internal assurance
      • Content and brand
      • Business services
      • Finance
      • Human resources
    • Joint agency taskforces
      • Identity
        Juleigh Cook (A/g)
      • Digital Experience Platform
        Lucy Poole
      • Technology

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