Organisation structure

Organisation structure of the Digital Transformation Agency at 30 January 2019.

DTA Organisation Chart as at 17 July 2019. Roles and responsibilities are described in the rest of the page.

Caption: the DTA Organisation chart as at 17 July 2019. Please click to view a larger version.

The organisation structure of the Digital Transformation Agency is:

  • CEO Randall Brugeaud
    • Office of the CEO
      • Alana Walsh, Chief of Staff
      • Alyssa Broomby, Executive Officer
  • Digital strategy and capability
    Anthony Vlasic, Chief Strategy Officer
    • Digital strategy
    • Strategic sourcing
    • Panel sourcing
    • Sourcing centre of excellence
    • Capability uplift
  • Digital delivery
    Peter Alexander, Chief Digital Officer
    • myGov
    • Identity
    • Platforms and Hosting strategy
    • Digital products and services
  • Digital investment division
    Joanne Hutchinson, Chief Portfolio Officer
    • Agency engagement and advice
    • Performance reporting
    • Portfolio coordination and analysis
  • Corporate and enabling services
    GP de Wet, Chief Operating Officer
    • Human resources
    • Finance
    • Ministerial and Parliamentary
    • Communications and media
    • Content and brand
    • Business services

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