Secure cloud

Using cloud technology can reduce costs, lift productivity and deliver better services. We want to make it easier for government to invest in cloud technologies.

Secure cloud strategy

In 2017 we worked closely across government and industry to develop the Secure Cloud Strategy.

The strategy replaces the Australian Government Cloud Computing Policy that was released in 2014. The new strategy focuses on helping government agencies use cloud more easily.

You can download the full strategy and read the overview below.

Strategy overview

Cloud technology and services can increase the speed of delivering new platforms, allow for continuous improvement and provide easier access to services. It can reduce the effort required for maintenance, allowing agencies to refocus that effort into improving service delivery.

The Secure Cloud Strategy has been developed to guide agencies beyond current business restrictions and move towards a more agile method of service improvement. It provides the framework for sustainable change within government so that all agencies can make use of what cloud has to offer.

The strategy focuses on preparing agencies for the shift to cloud, and supporting them through the transition. The key initiatives of the strategy are:

These initiatives will be led by the DTA and our in-house expertise. This will include delivering guidance and support and developing a best-practice community to build the skills and confidence of the APS.

Download the full Secure Cloud Strategy (.pdf, 768KB)

For more information about the Secure Cloud Strategy you can email

Responsibility for the Australian Government Cloud Computing Policy moved from the Department of Finance to the Digital Transformation Agency in December 2016.