Secure cloud

There are many misconceptions about cloud technology — about how it works and how secure it is.

But using cloud technology can reduce costs, lift productivity and deliver better services.

A review of the 2016 eCensus highlighted that cloud computing is a service option government should consider as it offers significant security benefits.

Current government policy requires agencies to consider cloud solutions as a priority when rolling out or replacing ICT infrastructure, applications or services.

However, investment in cloud technologies still represents less than one per cent of government’s annual ICT spend.

The DTA will be working in partnership with government agencies and with commercial providers to develop a Secure Cloud Strategy that will make it easier for government to take up cloud technologies.

The strategy will explore the challenges and options available for agencies moving to cloud solutions.

Ultimately, cloud services must be able to provide the security, integrity and availability required for critical government systems.

We’re currently in the discovery phase of the project. It is expected the strategy will be finalised later this year.