2017–18 Budget measures

An injection of $70m in funding to support ICT and digital measures in the 2017–18 budget will allow us to continue our work to make it easier for all Australians to access digital government services.

A total of $70.1 million over the next four years will help us to deliver on stage 2 of the digital transformation agenda.

We have received funding for a number of our programs and products, as well as increased resources to deliver digital government services, over the next four years.

Our Digital Investment Management Office will receive a boost of $1.5 million over three years to continue its work to oversee, review and report on new and existing ICT and digital projects.

$15.2 million will go towards the second stage of the government’s GovPass program, including a platform that will allow Australians to identify themselves easily and safely when using government online services.

$10.7 million will be invested over the next four years to establish and deliver a new cyber security function that will add to our expanded remit to provide government with improved oversight of major ICT investmentment and projects, and to provide advice to departments and agencies.

With this new function, we will work with agencies to determine if a major ICT project is properly prepared to deal with cyber security risks. This addresses an important recommendation out of last year’s eCensus review, which found many agencies were struggling to keep up with constantly changing cyber threats.

Several projects have received funding through the government’s Modernisation Fund, a fund that supports reforms delivering government services using leading technologies, and using a collaborative approach.

Projects supported through the Modernisation Fund includes funding four new platform capabilities – this has received $33.6 million over three years. Work will focus on creating shared platforms that can be used by multiple government agencies. This includes a ‘Tell us Once’ beta, which will deliver on the government’s election commitment where Australians will only need to update their details once. We also continue to work with other agencies on the discovery, alpha and beta phases of other platforms to deliver simpler and faster digital services.

Building digital capability across the public service remains a key focus. An overall spend of $13.9 million will be dedicated to attracting, building and retaining digital talent. We will receive $9.3 million and $4.6 million will go to the Australian Public Service Commission.

You can read more about the government’s investment in digital government delivery, and the new cyber security function to sit within the DTA, in Assistant Minister Taylor’s media statements.