About the Performance Dashboard

The Performance Dashboard promotes government transparency and helps to improve services by making their data open and accessible.

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What this service does

The Performance Dashboard collects service data and presents it in a consistent and structured format.

This is important so that government agencies can:

  • make quick data-driven decisions about how to improve their services

  • compare data across multiple government services

  • be open and transparent to the public about the performance of their services

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The dashboard’s features

We’ve developed self-service tools to help teams maintain their service dashboards. This includes an editor tool and an application programming interface (API).

The editor tool allows service team members to edit their dashboards themselves. The API enables automated reporting to the Performance Dashboard.

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How we help government teams

We work with service teams to help them understand how to measure their performance and meet criterion 11 of the Digital Service Standard.

We’ve developed a performance measurement framework to support this work. The framework helps teams understand how to measure metrics about their users’ experience.

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Who can use the dashboard

  • Government service teams can use the Performance Dashboard to continually improve their services.

  • Government decision-makers can use it make data-driven decisions about how to improve services.

  • The public, the media and others can use it to see how well government services are performing.

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How to use the dashboard

Government service teams

When you’re transforming a service you should get in touch with us as early as possible to discuss measuring and reporting performance.


Visit the Performance Dashboard to see how government services are performing.

We’ll add new services to the dashboard when they pass their Beta assessments against the Digital Service Standard.  

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What else we’ve built

The Performance Dashboard team has also developed the National Cities Performance Framework Dashboard.

This dashboard tracks the progress and performance of Australia’s largest cities against the Australian Government’s Smart Cities Plan.

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Get in touch

If you have any questions you can get in touch with us at performance-dashboard@dta.gov.au