About data.gov.au

Data.gov.au makes it easy to find and use data from government agencies and other organisations.

What this service does

Data.gov.au is a place where users can find data published by the Australian Government and other bodies. People and organisations can use the data for research, study or applications that help the community.

Built-in visualisation and mapping tools help users understand the data, most of which is free.

Who can use this service

Government agencies, researchers, members of the public and others can all use data.gov.au.

How to use data.gov.au

Sharing data

Australian Government agencies and private businesses that provide services to the community can share their data on data.gov.au.

To share data, an organisation needs to register and create an account at data.gov.au.

The site has a great deal of information to help new publishers meet certain standards before they release their data.

Agencies should also read the site’s policy and governance advice before they share data.

Using data

The datasets on data.gov.au cover many topics including agriculture, the environment and health. Users can download the data in different formats or request a dataset from an organisation or agency.

The default licence for most datasets on data.gov.au is Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia unless otherwise stated. This allows users to share and adapt data as long as they meet the requirements of the licence.

Get in touch

If you have any questions you can get in touch with us at data@digital.gov.au