Coaching for Women in Digital program

Are you looking to develop and connect with like-minded peers and women in digital? Or are you a manager looking for a program designed to develop senior women in your team?

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Calling all Executive Level 1 (EL1) women in digital

We invite you to explore the Coaching for Women in Digital program where you can:

  • reflect on yourself and what makes you ‘you’
  • connect with coaches and peers across government to share experiences
  • grow by dedicating time to developing your strengths through goal setting.

In 2020 based on user research, we redesigned the Coaching for Women in Digital program. Partnering with Accenture, the program focuses on your strengths, increasing your confidence and ability to manage difficult situations, taking ownership of your career through goal setting and accountability. The course will be delivered virtually, with face-to-face options if possible, so you can be involved no matter your location and circumstances.

Expressions of interest in the program commencing in 2020 are now closed. If you are interested in future programs, either as a participant or as an agency representative please email We will contact you when nominations open again (tentatively scheduled for mid 2021).

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Who can apply?

Applications are open to:

  • female/non-binary EL1 or a high performing APS6 (pending agency support) in a digital role
  • female/non-binary EL1 in a digital role who has participated in previous iterations of this course.

who are working in the APS in digital and ICT roles. This includes:

  • roles that design and deliver digital services
  • roles working in areas of digital transformation
  • ICT and cyber security roles
  • managers of digital teams.
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How it works

The program runs over 10 months, with 7 x 2-hour virtual group coaching sessions and 2 networking sessions. There will be a formal kick off session with inspiring speakers sharing their own personal journey.

The program is designed to be flexible. Sessions will be delivered virtually, so you can change timeslots based on your commitments. 

You’ll be assigned to a small group where you’ll get to know your peers and share your experiences in a safe space. In between sessions, you’ll have coaching challenges aligned to your goals and be supported by an online resource and collaboration platform.

At the end of the program, you’ll have the opportunity to stay connected through an Alumni Network to continue to reflect, connect and grow.

You’ll even have the chance to share what you’ve learned by becoming involved in future programs if you wish to.

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What I will learn

Here’s a sample of topics covered:

  • strengths
  • growth mindset
  • authentic leadership
  • mindfulness
  • purpose
  • navigating your career in the digital age
  • influencing skills
  • building confidence
  • work-life integration
  • resilience.
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The program cost

The cost of 2020 program was $7000 (ex.GST) per participant. As we iterate and develop the program each year to ensure we are continually meeting user need, the cost of the 2021 program will be confirmed mid next year, but we expect it to be similar. The cost is payable by the participating government agency/department.

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Get in touch

For further information about coaching please email