Women in digital

The women in digital programs are for women working in digital roles across government. The programs aim to help women develop leadership skills, increase their numbers in leadership roles and reduce barriers to career progression.

The women in digital programs are available for females, including feminine identifying, as well as non-binary people, at different stages of their career.

The goal is to attract talented women with IT skills to the Australian Public Service (APS), to retain them and to increase the gender diversity of senior IT employees.

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Executive mentoring program (EL2)

The Dell Women in IT Executive Mentoring (WITEM™) program is for talented Executive Level 2 (EL2) women in the APS, who want to progress as a leader within the digital landscape. The program is sponsored by Dell™ and is open to female leaders working in all areas of digital, including but not limited to:

  • information technology
  • agile management
  • user research
  • content design
  • service design
  • specialist skills

Supporting women into leadership roles is critical to the APS successfully delivering quality services to Australians. Only around one-third of digital and ICT leaders in the APS are women.

To help close this gap, WITEM™ provides an opportunity for participants to reach their full potential as leaders in the digital age. Close to 400 people have participated in WITEM™ over the past 13 years.

WITEM™ matches senior executive mentors with female EL2 mentees from across government. The mentoring relationship is facilitated for 12 months. Support is provided for mentees to share their experiences with other mentees, and to make the most of their new relationship with their mentor. This year’s program includes some enhancements to bring it in line with the Government’s digital agenda.

The program involves:

  • face-to-face mentoring
  • inter-departmental learning
  • facilitated group sessions
  • cross-government networking

We anticipate that the minimum commitment throughout the 12-month Program will be approximately 15 hours (for mentors) and 16 hours (for mentees).

A mentor typically commits to:

  • an induction
  • training session
  • program launch
  • mid-program face to face session
  • a 1 hour catch-up with your mentee each month
  • a wrap-up and forward planning session

How to apply

The 2020 WITEM™ program is currently underway. Applications will reopen here when the next program is available for participant nominations.

Mentees will require the endorsement of an SES leader as part of the application process. Unlike previous WITEM™ programs, your agency does not have to provide a mentor for a place to be available for a mentee from your agency.

We invite all female EL2’s including feminine identifying, as well as non-binary people to apply for this program.

Senior executives interested in becoming a WITEM™ mentor are also encouraged to apply.

Mentors provide mentees with valuable career-based developmental guidance, professional relationships, and new perspectives in digital.

If you have any questions about the WITEM™ program or would like to place your name on the waiting list for the 2021 WITEM™ program, please email capability@dta.gov.au

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Coaching for Women in Digital program (EL1)

Calling all Executive Level 1 (EL1) women in digital or women acting in EL1 roles. We invite you to explore the Coaching for Women in Digital program. Reflect, connect and grow.

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Women in Digital Network

The Women in Digital Network is aimed at bringing together women in digital across Australia to connect, learn from each other and from experts and to form communities to build the number of women working in the digital arena.

This includes a series of virtual events and a community based in GovTEAMS. Other aspects of the Women in Digital Network will be co-designed with the participants.

Both public and private sector women and those identifying as women are invited to join us.

Women in Digital Network events use Eventbrite for registrations. You can follow the DTA Eventbrite page to make sure you do not miss out.

If you are in the digital field and are interested in participating please register your interest at capability@dta.gov.au.

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Get in touch

For further information, please email capability@dta.gov.au