Buying telecommunications services

The Telecommunications Services Panel makes it easier for government agencies to buy wide area network and internet services.

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What is this panel?

The Telecommunications Services Panel is a panel of suppliers who provide wide area network (WAN) and internet services.

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Who this panel is for

Non-corporate Commonwealth entities must use this panel when they’re buying:

  • managed WAN services (terrestrial)
  • transport data link services (terrestrial)
  • internet connection services

They can also choose to use this panel when they’re buying:

  • managed WAN services (satellite)
  • transport data link services (satellite)

Other agencies can also choose to use this panel when they’re buying any of the above services.

These agencies are:

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Panel members

Members of this panel include:

  • Macquarie Telecom
  • Nextgen Networks
  • Optus Networks
  • Sliced Tech
  • Telstra Corporation
  • TPG Network
  • Verizon Australia
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Using this panel

Get in touch with us as soon as possible before using this panel.

If you have existing Internet Based Network Connection Services (IBNCS) contracts, get in touch with us at least 12 months before your contract expires.

This is to allow enough time to plan and set up a contract with a member of the new Telecommunications Services Panel, which replaces the IBNCS Panel.

How to use this panel

To use this panel you’ll need to register on the ICT Procurement Portal.

The portal is an online catalogue that connects government buyers with panel suppliers.

You’ll find further instructions on how to use the panel after you’ve registered on the portal.

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Policy information

This panel was set up in November 2016. It replaces the IBNCS Panel.

No new contracts can be formed under the IBNCS Panel. However, this does not affect IBNCS contracts already in place.

Government buyers who use this panel must still comply with the following policies and processes:

Standing offer number

The standing offer notice ID number for this panel is SON 3386916.

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Get in touch

If you have any questions you can send an email to or call ​​02 6120 8705.