Common website elements

Some content and website elements must appear on every Australian Government website.

Every government website needs to include certain elements. These help users to access content and ensure that services provide consistent information about public accountability.

Elements you need to include

We're working on how Australian Government websites can adopt common government content and features to make them easier for people to use.

Australian Government websites must meet the Online Content Requirements by:

  • identifying the agency
  • providing contact details
  • providing a website disclaimer
  • using uniform navigation
  • providing a copyright notice

The websites and their agencies must also:

  • assess privacy impacts of cookies
  • manage ministerial content
  • comply with the Caretaker Conventions during election periods
  • use correct metadata
  • use appropriate content licensing
  • use open licensing where possible

There are specific requirements for agencies about how to refer correctly to the Australian Government in content.

The primary websites of Australian Government agencies must also meet additional requirements. They must: