Libby Heasman

Libby Heasman

Human-Centred Design Academy Lead, BizLab

Department of Industry, Innovation and Science

Libby can see what other people can't. She’s not a psychic or a superhero: she’s just really switched on to the emotions, temperaments and thought processes of other people.

A heightened sense of empathy has underpinned Libby’s 15-year career in experience design. It has helped her stay in touch with the human needs of service users, and propelled her to design experiences that are both functional and delightful.

As the human-centred design academy lead for BizLab at the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, Libby seeks to embed this same mindset across government and empower others to build better services.

Libby will co-present ‘Human-centred design’ at Digital Summit 2019.