Leeanne Douglas

Leeanne Douglas

Design Director, BizLab Academy

Department of Industry, Innovation and Science

Process is Leeanne’s thing. But not process for the sake of process. Tell her what you need to do and the outcome you are seeking, and she will come up with how you should go about it.

Leeanne has an extensive toolkit honed over a number of years in the Australian Taxation Office's (ATO) design areas.

Now as part of the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science’s BizLab Team, Leeanne has found herself in the role of design director, project mentor and head-mistress of the BizLab Academy. The Academy trains the Australian Public Service in design thinking and human-centred design approaches; skills we will all need in the future workplace.

Leeanne is presenting ‘Human-centred design' at Digital Summit 2019.