Julia Powles

Julia Powles

Associate Professor of Law and Technology

University of Western Australia

Julia Powles is Associate Professor of Law and Technology at the University of Western Australia, where she leads research on digital rights, internet governance, and the law and politics of data, automation, and artificial intelligence.

Before joining UWA, Julia held academic appointments at New York University, Cornell Tech, and the University of Cambridge. She has worked as a United Nations speechwriter, a technology editor and columnist for The Guardian, Wired and New Yorker, and as a lawyer, judicial associate, and scientific researcher.

In 2018, Julia was the Council of Europe’s rapporteur on the human rights implications of algorithmic systems and a Poynter Fellow at Yale University, researching artificial intelligence and power. Julia’s work on data protection law and, in particular, citizens’ rights to correction and explanation, has earned her an international reputation.

Julia studied genetics, biophysics and law in Australia and received her Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL) from Oxford and PhD from Cambridge.

Julia will appear on the expert panel, 'What are the opportunities and challenges of digital?' at Digital Summit 2019.