Cindy Schwartz

Cindy Schwartz

Senior Executive Partner


Cindy Schwartz is a Senior Executive Partner within Gartner's Executive Program.

Based in Canberra, Cindy works with Chief Information Officers and IT executives across Australia's private and public sectors. She provides advice, guidance and coaching. She brings a wide range of knowledge to assist her clients. She focuses on her passion: using technology to solve everyday problems and transform government and business to drive greater results for its citizens, customers and shareholders.

Before Gartner, Cindy was with the Executive Excellence Group, a management consulting company she founded. It was dedicated to helping people and businesses achieve more than they knew was possible.

Before this, she spent 3 years at the Citadel Group as the General Manager of their advisory and consulting division. She was also their General Manager of Product Strategy and Innovation.

Before Citadel, she was with Microsoft, where she held a variety of roles over 8 years. Most notably, she was the Asia/Pacific Japan Enterprise Strategy Director, where she led the strategy business. She was also a senior sales manager for the services business in Australia, managing all commercial accounts and pre-sales.

She is an innovative technology leader, a business and professional services executive and a transformational change agent with over 20 years of experience working in a multitude of industries. Her work has focused on services management, sales management, solution selling, project and program management, product management, technology and development oversight, business development, operations management, solutions architecture, budgetary management, and business process improvement.

Cindy has been in the IT industry for 21 years, and is a public speaker on Women in Technology. She holds a Masters of Business Administration from the Australian Graduate School of Management at the University of NSW.

Cindy will be part of the 'Delivering the Digital Promise' panel at Digital Summit 2019.