Anna Grace

Anna Grace

Co-facilitator, BizLab Academy

Department of Industry, Innovation and Science

Anna creates super-powered problem solvers through her role in the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science’s innovation lab – BizLab.

Anna has a PhD in anthropology and lives and breathes human-centred design (HCD), applying her wealth of experience in the methodology to projects requiring deep empathy and placing people in the centre of our solutions.

She explores highly-complex problems facing government, always keeping a keen eye out for opportunities to do things better. She takes great pride in serving the needs of our public, and improving the way we serve them.

Aside from projects, Anna seeks to embed a citizen-centred culture in the Australian Public Service through co-facilitating BizLab Academy, a training course teaching HCD approaches to public servants.

She’s helping reshape our public sector, one super-powered problem solver at a time.

Anna will co-present ‘Human-centred design’ at Digital Summit 2019