Call for case studies

We are re-opening the call for submissions of case studies which showcase digital transformation in government.  

If you have worked on a successful digital transformation project or product, we’d love to hear from you. We will invite selected case studies to take part in our program and present the case study in one of the sessions.

We will include additional selected case studies in the information given to all attendees. We will also include the contact details for the agency or official responsible, so those interested in finding out more can connect with you after the summit.

See our terms and conditions below for more details.

What types of case studies are we looking for?

We are interested in products that:

  • show lessons learned during the process
  • show the application of the Digital Service Standard
  • have a wide application across all levels of government (federal, state/territory and local government)
  • went into public beta or live between January 2018 and the close of submissions

Case studies must be for products that are in public beta or live, and for which results are known and can be shared. 

The case study will need to cover the following areas:

  • user need identified (what and how)
  • results/lessons to be learned
  • application of the Digital Service Standard (put n/a if not applicable)
  • product summary

The case study should relate to at least one of the following topics:

  • user-centred research and design
  • agile methodology
  • making service accessible
  • cross-agency or cross-jurisdiction collaboration
  • stakeholder engagement and/or change management
  • government or industry partnership
  • industry trends

Template and deadline for submissions

You must complete your submission on the template provided and upload it to the submission portal by Wednesday 31 July 2019. There will be no extensions.

The submission should not be more than 300 words. Please save a copy of the submission for your records before you upload it.

Download case studies template (59KB)

Naming your case study

Please name your file according to this convention: Product_name-Agency-name-Official_name

Terms and conditions

Please note the following terms and conditions of submitting a case study:

  • case studies must be from government agencies from Australia only. This includes federal, state or territory and local government. Private sector case studies will not be accepted. Public/private sector collaborative products will be accepted
  • submission of a case study does not guarantee publication of your case study
  • case studies selected for presentation at the summit must have the presenter confirmed and registered within 2 weeks of notification of selection
  • representatives coming to the summit will be given free registration but are responsible for their own travel and accommodation
  • once a case study has been accepted for presentation at the summit, that presentation must take place. If the original person attending can no longer come to the summit, the agency responsible must find a substitute
  • submission of a case study indicates executive approval for the case study and presentation of it has been granted prior to submission
  • editing of case studies will take place prior to publication to ensure uniformity across the publication and to meet the requirements of the Australian Government Style Guide
  • submission will include collecting permissions for ‘publication of submission and film under CC BY 3.0 Aus licence’

Please note you will need a Google account to use the form. If you cannot use a Google account, please email

Submit your case study

If you have any questions about the call for case studies, please email

Get in touch

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